Wooden PC Case (SB)


The top of the PC case.
The box with power on switch, HDD LED and PC speaker.
HDD LED glowing in the dark.
Technical drawings and sketches.

In the spring 2002 I designed and built a PC case out of wood (including the internal structure and holdings).

The computer I put in the case was previously mounted in a standard (slightly modded) Chieftec case. The change resulted in a 5 kg loss of weight (the case alone weigh just 1.5 kg) and an 8 degree (C) temperature drop on the CPU due to improved air flow. The great weight and space reduction was very appreciated as I used to attend several LAN parties at the time, including Dreamhack.

The power-on switch, reset-switch, HD-LED and internal speaker is fitted into a small box which is connected to the case by a 2m cord. This allows it to be positioned on the table where it easily can be reached. The box may be closed and along with its cord be retracted into a slot at the back of the case for transportation. Nothing drags behind while carrying.

At the time the TV soap opera Sunset Beach broadcasted every day and I usually never missed an episode. Hence the logo.