Travian Manager


This application manages most of the functionality of a player account in the web-based MMOG named Travian (version 2). I wrote it during spring 2006. HTTP transfers to the Travian web server allows it to parse account information and perform scheduled events. Most of the client side of the HTTP protocol had to be implemented, including handling of cookies.

Some game related features:

  • Queuing of building and field upgrades.
  • Automatic queuing of buildings and fields when queue is short.
  • Automatic expansion of warehouse and granary.
  • Resource management, resources are transferred
    • when a queued upgrade cannot be afforded.
    • when the storages in a village is about to overflow.

Scheduling resources proved to be a difficult task but my heuristics seemed to do it pretty well. Neither resources nor time were spilled very often.

Travian Manager runs on both Win32 and *NIX platforms. The user interface is provided by an internal HTTP server making it is easy to administer remotely.

Travian Manager brought my account into top 200 of approximately 50000 players in less than 6 months. This success was possible mainly due to two things. If well played the game allows superlinear growth (as I managed to prove) and the massive bonuses to defensive troops made it possible for me to avoid costly disputes and focus my efforts on resource management and expansion.