Interiors exploded.

J-Box is my second computer case I have built from scratch. It is a very simple construction based on two bent sheets of copper joined by seven threaded round rods that also hold the internal components in place. I built the case in 2004 and extended it with some custom electronics in 2005.

The J-Box served as many things including firewall, router and HTPC.

While I used it as an HTPC I implemented a custom managing software to select various games and media to start using a remote control. I made a small customized electronics box with an IR receiver for the remote control. It was based around a PIC16F84 that decoded the remote control protocol into high-level commands for the control software in the PC. The electronics also have a couple of transistors and relays that at the time used to control some of the lighting in my apartment and to power on and off the PC itself (the circuitry runs on standby voltage).