Lights on.
Model of LED formation.
Inside of the icosahedron with LEDs and power distribution.
Power board with dimming, component side.
Power board with dimming, backside with tuning knob and protective plate.
Foot with power connector and mount for the top.
Fully assembled.
Fully assembled with lights on in the dark.

A decorative lamp with bright white LEDs on the sides of a reflective icosahedron. This was a prototype before a larger build that I have so far not decided to go on with. I did not plan much of the build but rather made it up as it went along.

Initially I constructed a model in software to be able to test different placements of LEDs to find a suitable size of the icosahedron. Then I produced a complete icosahedron for the body but in the end I decided to take the bottom part out and mount it on a foot instead.

Each side in the icosahedron has four LEDs in series. Ground is connected along the body to a rail in the bottom. Current is supplied through resistors joined at the center.

The driver board is based on a 555 timer, that generates a PWM signal for dimming, controlled by a potentiometer. It snaps into the bottom of the body and carries the entire construction.

The foot is just a modified furniture foot with a DC plug for the 15V supply and an extension of the potentiometer to be able to adjust the brightness in the open bottom.