From Ammo To Blood


Title screen.
Mission preparation screen.
Rabbits in the forest.
Entrance of the park.
Beautiful spring day in the park.
Stains and shells on the ground.

From ammo to blood is a rather violent DOS game that I worked on primarily in 1999 but finished in early 2000. At the time I was inspired by games such as GTA; though I think I might not have caught the irony.

The gameplay is simple. Each mission involves killing as much as possible during a limited period with the available ammunition to earn money for the next mission. The game has five missions. In between missions the player makes a choice in between one out of five weapons with different properties.

I did most of the pixel graphics myself but will have to credit a classmate for the player and people sprites.

Nowadays the game runs fairly stable in DOSBox (which I used to capture the screenshots).