LED Matrix Animation
LED Matrix Animation 2015

Producing and deploying animations to LED Matrix 2 has never been easier. The LED Matrix 2...

Icolight 2013-2014

A decorative lamp with bright white LEDs on the sides of a reflective icosahedron. This was a...

LED Matrix 2
LED Matrix 2 2013

A friend kindly donated a 32-by-12 LED-matrix. It became my mission to build a controller to be...

XY Table
XY Table 2009-2011

In 2009 a friend of mine started prototyping the hardware for an XY table. When he asked me if I...

J-Box 2004-2005

J-Box is my second computer case I have built from scratch. It is a very simple construction...

LED Matrix
LED Matrix 2003

This is one of my first electronics projects (that do something). The LED matrix consists of...